Tech-Art: Soul for Technology

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Tech-Art:Soul for Technology® is the current body of work by American artist Leon Reid IV (b. 1979). Existing across a broad scope of media from painting, drawing, and sculpture and organized into "Collections" such as 3D Print Portrait, Pixel Composition, Load Paintings, this new oeuvre is a colorful interpretation of the look and feel of the information age.

Much of the playfulness in Tech-Art:Soul for Technology® refers back to Leon Reid IV's work as a street-artist (1995-2005). Particularly Load Paintings and Binarycollections, which alter the meaning of functional tech iconography in the same way his street-art subverted functional street signage. Dissolving loading wheels and effectionate profile icons pay hommage to the bending One-Way signs and baby Stop signs of Leon Reid IV's street works>>.

Tech-Art:Soul for Technology® experiments with new methods of authentication: Fingerprint Signed is a standard whereby a fingerprint of Leon Reid IV is applied to specific collections of his artwork for authentication purposes.

Tech-Art: Soul for Technology® is a an ongoing body of work with beginnings in 2011.

TECH-ART: Soul for technology® is a registered trademark of Leon Reid IV. 
All works displayed on are © Leon Reid IV 2011-17